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Hylton -Vs-United States 3 Dall. 171(1796)

This is an important case in the history of United States, dealing with the interpretation of two constitutional provisions. Article 1, section 9 states that “no Capitation, or other direct taxes shall be laid, unless, in proportion to the Census.” Article 1, section 2 provides


The Law Abiding Traveller

Going through the red channel has always been a hassle for a person carrying excess baggage. An Indian passport holder returning to India after working and staying abroad for a few months wants to bring home loads of baggage for his family, friends and self.


Keshavanand Bharti Versus State Of Kerala (1973) 4 Scc 225

This case, popularly known as the ‘Fundamental Rights case’, involved the interpretation of the amending power conferred by Article 368. Article 368 provides that Parliament may, in exercise of its constituent power, amend by way of addition, variation or repeal any provision of the Constitution


Compensation To The Victim Of Crime

Social justice has always remained as a golden thread under Indian legislative framework. As social justice is goal of law in action and justice itself is a truth. Any ignorance to this truth should be considered as an enemy of truth. Present law seems to


Freedom of Speech and Religious Sentiments

Drawing Lines in the Sand Recent times have seen a virtual war—a war not quite unlike the ‘war on terror’ launched by President Bush. It is war with an obscure enemy, a war between free-speech liberalists and religious sentiment toting traditionalists. While the mandarins demand

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Trivial Issues Covered by Media

There was a time when people used to believe that there are only two forces that can carry light to all the corners of the globe… the sun in the heavens and the Associated Press down here. However, today it seems that the forces still