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India’s Children: And Their Eluding Rights

The err of humanity lies in it’s ingratitude. As we age in this unforgiving, but rather forgetful society, we are treated with more respect, looked at more admiringly. Mature, is what we call ourselves, and feel proud to have attained ‘sufficient understanding’ of the ways


The Right to Privacy in India An Overview

The most simple definition of privacy was given by Judge Thomas Cooley in Olmstead v. United States, he called it as, “the right to be let alone”. Privacy is the ability of an individual or a group to keep their lives and personal affairs out


Delhi HC to hear Swaraj India’s plea on common symbol

NEWS SCAN The Delhi High Court will on Tuesday hear Yogendra Yadav-led Swaraj India?s plea for allotting a common symbol to the party for the upcoming civic polls.Appearing for the Delhi state election commission, advocate Sumit Pushkarna yesterday submitted before the court that they don’t have the


Refugee Law in India Need of the Hour

No one leaves home unless Home is the mouth of a shark You only run for the border When you see the whole city running as well ~ Warsan Shire Donald Trump, 45th President of United States, recently ordered a four month suspension of America’s refugee program which has shaken the


Protection Under Copyright Law In India

This paper explains both economic and moral rights of the author under the Copyright Act, 1957. The authors of copyright enjoy “economic rights”, u/s 14 of the Act mainly, in respect of literary, dramatic and musical, other than computer program, to reproduce the work in