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Rights body opposes deportation of Rohingya children in SC

West Bengal child rights commission moved the Supreme Court on Thursday challenging the Centre’s decision to deport Rohingya Muslims who are staying in the country to Myanmar. West Bengal State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (WBSCPCR), in its plea before the top court, said,


Rights group calls on US to end surgeries on intersex children

NEWS SCAN Human Rights Watchissued an expansive report  on Tuesday calling for a “moratorium” on surgeries designed to “normalize” intersex children, those who are “are born with chromosomes, gonads, sex organs, or genitalia that differ from those seen as socially typical for boys and girls.”

India’s Children: And Their Eluding Rights

The err of humanity lies in it’s ingratitude. As we age in this unforgiving, but rather forgetful society, we are treated with more respect, looked at more admiringly. Mature, is what we call ourselves, and feel proud to have attained ‘sufficient understanding’ of the ways