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The Dos And Dont’s For Young Aspiring Legal Professionals

The law is a jealous mistress, and requires a long and constant courtship. It is not to be won by trifling favors, but by lavish homage In 1829, Justice Joseph Story, the titanic American lawyer and jurist, stated, ‘The law is a jealous mistress, and requires a long and constant courtship.


Indo-Irish Relations A Tale Of Two Natural Allies

The prodigious British Prime Minister Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, once remarked on a veiled laudatory note, ‘We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English.’ I have always been an indefatigable admirer and protagonist of Ireland. The ‘warm, wild and wonderful’


Revisiting And Looking Beyond The Apocalypse In Orissa

India is a land of unimaginable diversities and infinite varieties. It is a country with at least 18 major languages, over 400 important dialects and over 4000 ethnic communities or castes or endogamous groups. India is a multi-religious, multi-linguistic, multi-ethnic and multi-regional civilisation without a


Indira Gandhi A Profile in Indomitable Courage

Indira Gandhi was a living, nay glowing, symbol of courage. It was Indira’s indomitable courage that helped her challenge the Old Guard in the Congress party and emerge as the undisputed leader in 1969, it was her courage that helped her to face the arrogant