India Ratifies UN Pact To Counter China’s OBOR

NEWS SCAN NEW DELHI: India became the 71st country on Monday to join the United Nations TIR Convention, the international customs transit system, to position itself as a regional trading and transit hub.The TIR system is the international customs transit system with the widest geographical

Trump Not Under Investigation for Obstruction, Says Lawyer

A representative from President Donald Trump’s legal team said Trump is not under investigation, despite the President tweeting “I am being investigated” this week. The lawyer, Jay Sekulow, contended the tweet was not a confirmation of the investigation, but instead a response to a report in

President Trump signs executive order reducing federal government role in apprenticeship programs

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday, titled “Expanding Apprenticeships in America,” shifting the federal government’s responsibility of creating and monitoring apprenticeship programs to third party private entities such as businesses, nonprofit organizations, and unions. Under this new system, the third party entities can set their

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Commissioning surrogacy in India

India is known world wide for its permissive and liberal jurisdiction on surrogacy. Commercial and cross border, gestational and heterosexual surrogacy is legal and practiced in India. It is estimated that India’s commercial surrogacy is worth $ 2.5 billion dollar industry  producing nearly  2,000 surrogacy