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Legal education policy should change with changing times: CJI

The policy of legal education should be moulded in tune with the rapid contemporary changes occurring as a result of scientific and technological developments, especially by the expansion of information and communication technology, said the Chief Justice of India(CJI), Dipak Misra on Saturday. While delivering

How a WhatsApp message can get you arrested

Eighteen-year-old Zakir Ali Tyagi was just kidding when he asked, on Facebook, exactly how the river Ganga was a “living entity”. He also went on to discuss the BJP’s Ram Mandir plans. For these random comments on Facebook, the Muzaffarnagar teen was made to spend

Why criminal act is not the same as criminal liability

In common law, criminal liability is tested by actus reus (guilty act) and mens rea (guilty mind). This means that a criminal act alone doesn’t warrant criminal liability. The prosecution is required to prove that the person committing the crime was mentally sound to realise