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On 27 January 2014, the International Court of Justice rendered its Judgment in the case concerning the Maritime Dispute (Peru v. Chile). On 16 January 2008, the Republic of Peru filed an Application instituting proceedings against the Republic of Chile in respect of a dispute


Fitness on the Job

I’LL BE HAPPY TO BELIEVE YOU IF YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU JUST DON’T HAVE the TIME FOR ANY EXERCISE Most people are concerned about their fitness but easily slump into laziness and do nothing, literally. But the employers are more than concerned. They have



Political obligation is a very important and determinative factor in the functioning and sustenance of a government. This concept becomes all the more important when we look at it in the context of a coalition government. India is a country fraught with political complexities of

Comfort Zone

There is much talk of progress and success nowadays. What does it really entail? For argument’s sake, let us confine ourselves to make it mean: Advancement in career and money making prospects. This then presupposes that every- one would always be striving to improve one’s

TERRORISM V/s Democratic Sovereignty

No  doubt grant or not to grant the pardon, is a sovereign function, be it  in any form i.e. monarchy, democracy, or even mobocracy to which we may be heading for but for the  judicial activism.   This is so  as these authorities are in possession

Consumer Courts- A Relook

A  recent report showing that a backlog of 200,000 unsettled cases are pending before various consumer courts is more than enough to indicate that in India, the consumer is anything but the king. In a small district level consumer forum in Kerala, the decision taken

Being the Charming Charm

The expression “Old-World Charm”, what does it really mean? How do we picture it our minds when we have not had the opportunity to live in those times. I suppose the movies set in those periods would give some idea but would it help to

Human Genome And Patent Law In India

Biotechnology is a rapidly growing field in which new products and services are developed from an increasingly complex and cumulative set of underlying technologies. The sequencing of genes, identifying their functions and mutations, creating systems to selectively express, regulating or silencing genes, predicting protein structures

Use Of Internet In Legal Practice

The past decade has seen a revolution in information systems, which has affected the entire business world. Legal practice is no exception, the immediate and constant flow of relevant information to the right legal users at the right time has become the backbone of legal