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Freedom of Speech and Religious Sentiments

Drawing Lines in the Sand Recent times have seen a virtual war—a war not quite unlike the ‘war on terror’ launched by President Bush. It is war with an obscure enemy, a war between free-speech liberalists and religious sentiment toting traditionalists. While the mandarins demand

Miranda Vs The State Of Arizona (1966) 384 U.S.436

The Miranda versus the State of Arizona case raised questions which go to the roots of the very concepts of American criminal jurisprudence and the restraints society must observe, consistent with the Federal Constitution in prosecuting individuals for crime. More specifically, it dealt with the

Non Human Beings- Time To Endow With Inalinenbale Rights

 The basis of granting non-human beings with rights can be traced in culture, tradition, religion and ethology.  The need to show compassion to all living creatures can be seen even in one of the most sacred Hindu scriptures. He is a perfect yogi who, by

Tips on Developing a Law Practice

Employees add another layer of complexity to your business, so consider this step carefully before committing yourself.  Hire the right people for the job, train them if necessary, and keep them happy so they will stay.  If you yourself are not well-versed in the matter,

Laughter As Medicine

Law Professionals Should Take Care of Their Health Have you ever spent time with the kids from the uncivilized hinterland? It is such a refreshing moment. The adults are equally light-hearted, though of course more anxious. The pleasure of their company is in their laughter

Indian Judicial System – A Perspective

Being Aggrieved by inordinate delay and expenses, some activists have raised an issue of judicial accountability and reforms in the judicial system. On the other part, an argument is advanced that as the judiciary is under a sacred duty to protect the Constitution, it deserves


Indian Prisons-Where are We Heading

Jail Breaking today is increasing with such alarming frequency that imprisonment has become a mere sham. Until sometime ago jails were considered to be “safe houses” and people would rest in peace once a criminal was put behind bars. Not any more! The impunity with