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SC Tells BCCI – Fall In Line And Do What Lodha Panel Said

To begin with, the Supreme Court on February 4, 2016 in a very stern message unequivocally told the board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) to implement the Justice RM Lodha Committee recommendations for drastic structural changes in the richest cricket body to ensure

Pregnancy No Reason To Deny Job – Punjab and Haryana HC

At the very outset, I must begin by voicing my extreme anger and disappointment with the callousness and abject apathy with which women is treated in our society in any department wherever she works. She certainly deserves more compassion and more respect. Under no circumstances

Justice Demands That West UP Must Have Its Own Bench

“A new bench is going to affect 18-20 districts in the state and make life easy for everybody here. If politicians are worried that people in East UP may get offended, they are wrong. In fact, if the pendency of the Allahabad HC is reduced,

Is Spirituality The Exclusive Domain Of Men? Asks SC

At the very outset, let me begin by expressing my unstinted support to women in all her efforts to secure entry in any temple wherever they like. I very strongly believe that in this age of equality and women empowerment, it would be downright absurd

Raising Anti-India Slogans Must Be Made Punishable

Let me at the very beginning of my humble submission begin by stating that I am extremely pained to note how anti-India slogans are being raised with consummate ease right at the hub of our national capital inside the precincts of one of the most

‘Factory’ in The Factories Act, 1948.

The definition of ‘Factory’ is given in section 2(m) of the Factories Act,1948. Section 2(m) defines the term ‘Factory’ as: – ‘Factory’ means: any premises or precincts thereof – (i) whereon 10 or more workers are working, or were working, on any day of the