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Freedom Of The Press – Print Media Near -Vs- Minnesota

This 1931 case is a landmark judgement highlighting the constitutional protection given to the freedom of the press. In this case, the County Attorney of Hennepin County brought an action against “The Saturday Press,” published by the Defendants in the city of Minneapolis. The Complainant

A Brief Analysis On The New Law On Dancing In Maharashtra

First of all, let me begin by pointing out here that after an 11-year wait, the ban on Mumbai’s bar dancers imposed in 2005 has finally been lifted. This happened following repeated directives from the Supreme Court striking down the ban. In all fairness, the

Indira Gandhi A Profile in Indomitable Courage

Indira Gandhi was a living, nay glowing, symbol of courage. It was Indira’s indomitable courage that helped her challenge the Old Guard in the Congress party and emerge as the undisputed leader in 1969, it was her courage that helped her to face the arrogant