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Tips on Developing a Law Practice

Employees add another layer of complexity to your business, so consider this step carefully before committing yourself.  Hire the right people for the job, train them if necessary, and keep them happy so they will stay.  If you yourself are not well-versed in the matter,

Laughter As Medicine

Law Professionals Should Take Care of Their Health Have you ever spent time with the kids from the uncivilized hinterland? It is such a refreshing moment. The adults are equally light-hearted, though of course more anxious. The pleasure of their company is in their laughter

Indian Judicial System – A Perspective

Being Aggrieved by inordinate delay and expenses, some activists have raised an issue of judicial accountability and reforms in the judicial system. On the other part, an argument is advanced that as the judiciary is under a sacred duty to protect the Constitution, it deserves


Indian Prisons-Where are We Heading

Jail Breaking today is increasing with such alarming frequency that imprisonment has become a mere sham. Until sometime ago jails were considered to be “safe houses” and people would rest in peace once a criminal was put behind bars. Not any more! The impunity with


Colombia v. Peru (Asylum Case) [1950] ICJ 6

This case came up before the International Court of Justice in 1950 when the Colombian Ambassador in Lima, Perú allowed Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre, head of the American People’s Revolutionary Alliance, sanctuary after his wing lost a one-day civil war in Peru on 


White Collar Crimes -A Bird’s Eye View

Wherever law ends, tyranny begins…    – John Locke Edwin Sutherland coined the term ‘white-collar crime’ in the 1930’s as a crime ‘committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.’ But from the some past examples it is


Maximise Time Availability

Most people when they say they are hard pressed for time could be saying one thing and meaning another. For all we know they are trying to avoid getting involved, which may be quite the right thing to do under the circumstances. The other side