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Food Security Bill

One of the synonym which can rightly be used for Food Security Bill (now, Act) can be Voters Security Bill. And it seems to be a win win situation for the government also. Either they can come in power because of this or even if they don’t, noproblem, the next government at


MAKING INROADS If we talk about the Dictionary definition of the word ‘disability’, i.e. the absence of competent physical, intelligent, or moral power, means, fitness and the like, it would be wide enough to take within its sweep the entire humankind (on this planet at least), as goes the saying that ‘no one


In a democratic, constitutionalist and enlightened constitution like ours, the state is obliged to treat its citizens equally, irrespective of religion, race, caste, sex etc., in order to ensure that all citizens get uniform rights, however, whether such a uniformity is to be provided in personal matters, has been a matter of debate. It is pertinent


IS DOING AWAY WITH IT REALLY GOING TO EMPOWER MUSLIM WOMEN OR IS MAINTENANCE THE BIGGER ISSUE? There has probably been no concern as grave in the human rights crusade as the empowerment of women, and certainly no other failure as persistent as the one to successfully address the same. Long gone are

Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014 A brief relook

The President of India gave assent to Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill, 2013 on March 1st 2014. Subsequently, it was published in the Official Gazette for general information as an Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 (Act No 6 of 2014). The main object of the Act is to provide for the reorganisation of

Real Estate & GST Are we Heading Towards New Areas of Litigation

The GST is finally going to become a reality with all the Acts and important rules being approved by the GST Council in its 15th Meeting. GST is conceived to be adopted from the existing tax laws, especially a lot of similarities can be drawn from the current Service tax. However GST

Grin and bear is not a good policy

A bully is a very commonplace person found everywhere from the home to the kindergarten to the senior most executive’s office. Today in the working world there is no escaping the fact that bullies abound there too. The special conditions in which the lawyers live and work, prepares them to become excellent bullies.