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Why West UP Has No Bench Of High Court?

“Western UP still does not have a high court bench. Think of this, Western UP is 98,933 square kilometres in area. It is bigger than countries like Hungary, Portugal and Jordan. Plus, the population of West UP is huge. We have been demanding a high

Indian Laws on Sexual Harassment

The tradition and culture of India has always put women in high esteem. Traditionally, the Indian culture shows respect for women and if we look back into history we find that women have been respected all through ages, as may also be seen from the worship of goddesses by Hindus.


Engaging in a second marriage when the first marriage has not been dissolved is illegal in India and the relationship arising from the same does not have any validity. Even though the law is very clear on this point, ‘second marriage’ in some sections is still is a common

Travel : Dharamshala The Tibetan Exile

Dharamshala is located in the Kangra Valley, in the shadow of the Dhauladhar Mountains. The city is divided into two distinct sections. Kotwali Bazaar and the surrounding markets are referred to as “Lower Dharamshala” or just “Dharamshala.” Further up the mountain is McLeodGanj separated in between by the village of

India’s Children: And Their Eluding Rights

The err of humanity lies in it’s ingratitude. As we age in this unforgiving, but rather forgetful society, we are treated with more respect, looked at more admiringly. Mature, is what we call ourselves, and feel proud to have attained ‘sufficient understanding’ of the ways


Plato was the youngest son of Ariston and Perictione who came from famous wealthy families in Athens. While Plato was young his father died and his mother remarried Pyrilampes. As a young man he studied under Cratylus. He became friends with Socrates for Plato’s mother’s brother Charmides was a close friend of Socrates.

The Sinking of the Titanic New Evidence

Titanic WAS NOT sunk by Iceberg – new evidence suggests shock theory to disaster THE Titanic was NOT sunk after striking an Iceberg, it has sensationally been claimed more than a century since the ship disaster. For 105 years, many had believed that the RMS

India Vs. Pakistan : Icj Hearing In The Kulbhushan Jadhav Case

Background: Kulbhushan Jadhav was arrested on March 3, 2016 on suspicion of spying and sabotage activities against Pakistan. Pakistan claimed that Jadhav was working with the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Pakistan accuses Jadhav of being a spy. India claims that he was kidnapped by