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Nishant Sharma

“My advice to students pursing Law would be to understand the basis of each legal provision, question it and support your understanding with explanations provided in judicial precedence of the Courts. The best part of legal education is that Courts, with their elaborative speaking orders,

Justice Kurian Joseph on Secularism

“Our religious and cultural festivals and hues, irrespective of caste and creed, have contributed to the vibrancy of our rich pluralistic culture and ethos. The whole world jealously looks at the beauty of the secular image, communal harmony and cultural integrity of our great Nation. , lawzmag

Deepak Narayanan

“I hail from a family of lawyers including my father and a desire to pursue Law never wavered during my three years at Loyola. An aspect of Law that has always been of interest to me is that, Law influences almost every facet of our


NIKHIL PATEL, SENIOR LEGAL COUNSEL FOR DSM SINOCHEM PHARMACEUTICALS ON MAINTAINING A GOOD ACADEMIC PROFILE? “A good academic profile gives you a ‘foot in the door’. After that, it is up to you to make a great impression in the interview and ensure that you

Harish Nambiar, Vice President-Legal, Syntel, 

“I strongly believe that a lawyer with a sound and strong knowledge of the technical aspect of law and the jurisprudence can provide a solution to most issues. The fact that I was on the right track manifested itself when I started the heading the

Jeet Shroff, Associate, Allen & Overy

“For lawyers with a thirst for further studies, I think there isn’t a substitute for the LL.M.” Says Jeet Shroff, Associate, Allen & Overy *An Excerpt from a piece in SuperLawyers