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Justice Lodha’s view on Judgment Delivery

“We judges hear and decide cases fearlessly and fingers should not be raised questioning their conduct. Judges never lag behind in passing order when justice demands. If we cannot act fearlessly, without ill-will and without favour, then who else will? It is the personality of

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Pakistan scuttling peace efforts, says Arun Jaitley

India has been trying to ease the tension with Pakistan through various steps, but Pakistan has retaliated each time with attacks such as the ones in Pathankot and Uri, as well as the mutilation of Indian soldiers, which have soured the environment for a constructive

Murtaza Chherawala, Partner, CNS Juris

“A Masters course should be approached like a research adventure for acquiring higher knowledge, rather than to acquire one more qualification for job prospects.” Says Murtaza Chherawala, Partner, CNS Juris *An Excerpt from a piece in SuperLawyer