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Siddharth Luthra, ASG.

“I wish I could have done architecture but I had no one to guide me towards architecture, I tried my hand at the engineering entrance classes but didn’t enjoy the training.” Says Siddharth Luthra, ASG. *An Excerpt from Legally India

 Sucheta Chatterjee, Indian Foreign Service Officer

“As a Foreign Service Officer, we are entrusted with nearly everything that involves a foreign relations component, from writing concept papers, to vetting treaties and MoUs to organizing visits of heads of states etc.” Says Sucheta Chatterjee, Indian Foreign Service Officer *An Excerpt from a piece

Harish Salve

Harish Salve’s view on Judges getting lectured by the Prime Minister on succumbing to 5-star activism. “Prime Minister is an eloquent speaker, sentiment is something, which needs all right-thinking people to sit back and consider seriously. What happens is the Court lacks the equipment, unlike