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Sarosh Zaiwalla ,Senior Advocate

LawZ profiles herewith, Sarosh Zaiwalla who is credited with handling more than 12000 international cases relating to Energy, Maritime and Construction. There is no doubt, that he is one of the most discussed solicitors of Indian origin in UK today. His firm Zaiwalla & Co.


Mr. Ram Jethmalani on taking sexual assault cases

 “I have got a rule of professional conduct that no lawyer should choose to defend a client on the ground that other people believe him to be innocent, or that you don’t believe him to be innocent, or that the defense will bring you unpopularity.”

Manisha Karia, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court

“I strongly feel that one can only achieve something by investing time and this profession requires dedication in formative years at law school, which can be best used for development of these skills including research, basics of drafting, presentations, debating etc.” Manisha Karia, Advocate on

Indira Jaising

‘In India, you can’t even dream of equal justice. Not at all’  Says Senior Advocate, Indira Jaising. *An Excerpt from a piece in The Guardian.

France court orders government to provide water to Calais refugees

The French government and the Calais region are to furnish water and sanitation to migrants in the area, France’s highest administrative court, the Conseil D’Etat  ruled Monday. The county has said that it will also open two new reception centers about an hour from Calais in Bailleul and