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Sanjeeth Hegde, Partner, BananaIP Counsels 

“Most people assume that as an attorney you spend all your time on researching, writing and advising clients on legal matters.  That is partially true.  I spend about half my time on client matters. The other half, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of

Chakradhar Varadarajan

“Prior to fully involving in active court practice, I attended a corporate internship in Hyderabad, a first for me in a reputed corporate group in Hyderabad. Almost 2 years later, I was blessed with an enquiry from them as to my interest in a vacant position , lawzmag

Deepak Narayanan

“Chartered Institute of Arbitrators is a world renowned organisation which recognises expertise in ADR. Having specialised in commercial arbitration at Queen Mary and through the practical experience that I already possess in the field of arbitration, I was directly inducted at the Member grade (MCIArb)

Cyril Shroff on professionalizing law firms

“The amount of time and energy that we spend on devising this structure is for creating a professional partnership. Today, whether it is Cyril Amarchand or in its erstwhile form as well we still attract with the best talent. Why would best talent come, if