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Justice Shiva Kirti Singh on role of judges

“The role of Judge is very clear. They should not waste the court’s time nor permit anybody to waste time. It is public money which helps the courts to run. Every minute costs to the public exchequer and the cost is also borne by the

Shatarupa Mishra, Indian Revenue Service Officer

“Civil Services involve law interpretation and implementation, public administration and management, which law students imbibe in their five-year long erudition.”  Says Shatarupa Mishra, Indian Revenue Service Officer, on preparing for Civil Service Examination *An Excerpt from a piece in SuperLawyers

M.S. Bharath, Senior Partner, Anand and Anand

“While standing in their client’s shoes an IP attorney needs to have a perspective of subjects including accounting, statistics, finance, marketing, and advertising. ” Says M.S. Bharath, Senior Partner, Anand and Anand *An Excerpt from a piece in SuperLawyers


Mr. Ram Jethmalani on taking sexual assault cases

 “I have got a rule of professional conduct that no lawyer should choose to defend a client on the ground that other people believe him to be innocent, or that you don’t believe him to be innocent, or that the defense will bring you unpopularity.”


“During the drafting process, one must always keep in mind to stay within the four corners of Contract Act and such other laws applicable to the subject matter of the contract i.e. Companies Act or FEMA, Transfer of Property Act etc. ” Says Says Prashant Ramdas,

Prashant Ramdas, AVP-Legal, ENIL

“To succeed in any field, the only thing that helps is to focus on your area of interest” Says Prashant Ramdas, AVP-Legal, ENIL (Times Group) on practising Media Law as an in-house Counsel *An Excerpt from a piece in SuperLawyers


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