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Senior Lawyer and Chief Justice

A Senior lawyer phoned the Chief Justice’s mansion shortly after midnight. “I need to talk to the Chief Justice, it’s an emergency!” exclaimed the Senior lawyer. After much request , the Chief Justice’s assistant agreed to wake him up.    

Humour- Client

A man had been crossing a street when a car slammed into him. The pedestrian sued the motorist, whose lawyer made the following statement at the end of the trial. “Your honor, my client was not at fault. He has been driving a car for

Humour-A butcher

A butcher saw a Lawyer passing by his shop one day, and asked him: Mr. Lawyer what would you do if a dog came in and stole your meat? Lawyer replied: why? of course, I’ll make the owner pay for it! The butcher said: If

Humour -A Judge

A Judge was sentencing criminal defendants when he saw a vaguely familiar face. He reviewed his record and found that the man was a career criminal, except for a five-year period in which there were no convictions. So the Judge asked, puzzled, “how is it


An investment banker decides she needs in-house counsel, so she interviews a young lawyer. “Mr. Kumar,” she says. “Would you say you’re honest?” “Honest?” replies Kumar. “Let me tell you something about honesty. My father lent me Rs.5lakh  for my education, and I paid back

Cross Examination

Policeman’s cross-examined by a defense Lawyer during a felony trial. The lawyer was trying to undermine the policeman’s credibility. Q: Officer, did you see my client fleeing the scene? A: No sir. But I subsequently observed a person matching the description of the offender, running

Lawyers at Bank

Two lawyers are in a bank, when, suddenly, armed robbers burst in. While several of the robbers take the money from the tellers, others line the customers, including the lawyers, up against a wall, and proceed to take their wallets, watches, etc. While this is

Lawyer’s advice.

Despite his best efforts, the lawyer’s client was convicted of murder and sentenced to die in the electric chair. On the eve of his execution, the convict called his attorney for last-minute advice. He was told, “Don’t sit down.”