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LawZ January 2017 Issue

FDI in E – commerce intereste of indian consumers P2P file sharing under copyright law Truth as a defence to contempt Consumer’s interest is no child’s play

Lawz December Issue of 2016

The silenced  Statue  Freedom of speech , expression & Defamation Demonetisation an open letter to the prime minister Children in conflict with law Provisions for protection of sexual offence victims

Plight of ship masters

Shipping by its very nature is international in character, concerned as it is with ships engaged in transportation of personnel and goods from country to country. International shipping connections are manifestation of global economy and globalization which have an immense impact on the way commercial

Dussehra / Vijayadashmi – A Major Hindu Festival

Dussehra is celebrated to embrace the victory of Lord Rama, over the evil king Ravana. Rama went to the forest for fourteen years. Dussehra festival is celebrated on the first day of the “shukla paksha” of the Hindu month of Ashwin. The devotees of Lord Rama