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LawZ May 2017

legal service an indispensable part of the legal system plea bargaining an analysis Compensation regimes

Raju Ramachandran, Senior Advocate

Raju Ramchandran joined the bar in July 1976 at the chambers of MK Ramamurthi. He qualified as an Advocate-on-Record in the Supreme Court of India and was designated as a Senior Advocate by the Supreme Court in September, 1996 at the age of 42. He

Traditional Practices v/s Animal Rights

The greatness of nation is judged by the way its animals are treated Mahatma Gandhi In the recent past, the Supreme Court upheld rights of animals and birds to lead a life of ‘’intrinsic worth, honour and dignity”, even at the cost of traditional faith and practices of human beings.

Lawz March 2017

Animal Rights against traditional practices Refugee law in india criminal liability of corporation

Lawz February 2017

Online Intermediaries rationale and aspects of liability cyber squatting child labour sting operations an invasion of right to privacy

LawZ January 2017 Issue

FDI in E – commerce intereste of indian consumers P2P file sharing under copyright law Truth as a defence to contempt Consumer’s interest is no child’s play

Lawz December Issue of 2016

The silenced  Statue  Freedom of speech , expression & Defamation Demonetisation an open letter to the prime minister Children in conflict with law Provisions for protection of sexual offence victims