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High court upholds defamation laws

NEWS SCAN The Supreme Court of India upheld a set of defamation laws , finding them to be constitutionally valid. The laws were challenged by opposing politicians as an impediment on free speech.  The ruling recognized a legitimate interest of the state to restrict free speech to protect

Why Lawyers Of UP Went On Strike On 13 May, 2016?

It is a matter of deep anguish that lawyers who represent people in court and are law officers of court are increasingly being targetted by criminals themselves and killed without any fear. How can any legal system operate where lawyers are themselves not safe? Lawyers

Texas top court – school finance system constitutional

NEWS SCAN The Supreme Court of Texas upheld the state’s complicated public school funding system as constitutional . The court noted that financial efficiency was not an issue with the state’s public school funding based upon prior precedent, while stating that there is no specific number at

UN rights experts condemn Belarus use of death penalty

NEWS SCAN UN human rights experts expressed grave concern  over Belarus’ death penalty practices after reports surfaced that a man was executed while his case was before the UN Human Rights Committee . Belarus’ actions in killing the man, Sergei Khmelevsky, were in direct opposition with the committee’s

Italy parliament approves same-sex civil unions

NEWS SCAN Italian members of parliament on Wednesday voted  in favor of a law recognizing civil unions of same-sex couples. The Italian Parliament voted 372 to 51 with 99 abstentions in favor of the law. The vote makes Italy the last major Western country and last nation in