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Plight of ship masters

Shipping by its very nature is international in character, concerned as it is with ships engaged in transportation of personnel and goods from country to country. International shipping connections are manifestation of global economy and globalization which have an immense impact on the way commercial

Cyber Attacks

Evolvement of cyber warfare from theoretical possibility to an imminent threat has put a challenging task to the international law experts. The cyber-attack on the servers of Sony Pictures Entertainment, cyber incursions by Pakistani hackers on Kerala government’s website are few such incidents. The alleged


Brazil lower house approves amendment to cap government spending

NEWS SCAN The Brazil Chamber of Deputies y voted in favor of a constitutional amendment that would limit government spending to counteract the country’s alarming economic downturn. The Brazilian population has been struggling  with rising unemployment rates and an overwhelming recession, and government efforts to stabilize the economy

Preserve sand in public interest – Bombay High Court

NEWS SCAN Observing that sand smugglers use muscle and money power to create terror and their action of theft of sand affects the water table and availability of water for drinking and irrigation purposes, the Bombay High Court recently upheld a detention order passed by

Delegated Legislation with Specific Reference to Taxation

A Critical Study In The Light Of Supreme Court Judgements Power of taxation is an inherent and an essential attribute of sovereignty which primarily rests on necessity. Modern constitutions of nations recognise this power by making express provisions therein. The sovereign attribute of taxation is

A Shop or a Factory Tests for its determination

Defining ‘Shop’ A Discussion on limits and extent of shop with reference to  “The Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act, 1948” In the age of digital manufacturing, the line between the physical and digital worlds is demolished to create a whole new future for the industry.