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Commissioning surrogacy in India

India is known world wide for its permissive and liberal jurisdiction on surrogacy. Commercial and cross border, gestational and heterosexual surrogacy is legal and practiced in India. It is estimated that India’s commercial surrogacy is worth $ 2.5 billion dollar industry  producing nearly  2,000 surrogacy

Female Genital Mutilation Should Be Eliminated in India

Lawyers Collective recommends implementation of Law against Female Genital Mutilation in India. A 57-page report, titled ‘Female Genital Mutilation: A guide to eliminating FGM in India’, discusses at the legal framework surrounding the issue, dynamics of the Dawoodi Bohra community, FGM and its practice in

The Curious Case of Trump’s Impeachment

Donald Trump’s presidency term has been under the clouds of controversy from its very beginning, with numerous federal inquiries into his campaign’s connections to Russia approaching over the White House even before he took seat in the Oval Office. Now, his tenure as Commander-in-Chief has