City civil courts likely to house temporary High Court

The AP-Capital Region Development Authority (AP-CRDA) suggested in a review meeting chaired by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Monday that the High Court could be temporarily located in the civil courts complex in Vijayawada.

CRDA Commissioner Cherukuri Sreedhar told the CM that locating the HC in a new building under construction there would meet the immediate requirements of the litigant public and the legal fraternity while the permanent facilities are created in the Justice City in Amaravati.

Vitrual city plan

Mr. Naidu said he would examine the proposal and instructed that priority should be given to completing the laying of roads in Amaravati before the onset of monsoon, in order to give an impetus to the construction of the city.

He also wanted a virtual city plan to be prepared by the CRDA by integrating all the models that have so far been submitted by experts, to be able to speed up execution of the project.

Happy Cities Summit

The CM finalized A-1 Convention Centre as the venue for the Happy Cities Summit – 2018 which, he insisted, should be held in such a manner that the Government of Andhra Pradesh gets to know the best global practices in urbanisation and should be able to incorporate the same in the construction of Amaravati.

Mr. Naidu enquired with the Amaravati Development Corporation Chairperson and Managing Director D. Lakshmi Parthasarathy about roads and other infrastructure works in the capital.

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