First transgender to join Rajasthan Police after HC orders

The first transgender is set to join the police force in Rajasthan following an order of the High Court, which has directed the State government to appoint 24-year old Ganga Kumari as a constable within six weeks. Her appointment will be made with retrospective effect from 2015 for the purpose of seniority and service benefits.

Ganga Kumari was denied the post in 2015, despite her selection as per the due procedure, because of her gender and the reported lack of clarity of rules. After she passed the recruitment exam for police constables, her appointment was held up following her medical test which revealed her gender.

Justice Dinesh Mehta at the High Court’s principal seat in Jodhpur ruled on Monday that no citizen could be discriminated against on the basis of gender and passed an order for her appointment within six week. The court stated that the denial of appointment to Ganga Kumari was an instance of “gender bias.”

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