lawzmag.comNumerous ‘numbers’,

And oh! So cruel,

Uncountable blunders,

And I begin,

The daily duel!

For hidden in these ‘numbers’,


The vicious schemes of humans,


I’ve never loved ‘these numbers’,

For once, you are in their rule,

They’ll take you for a ride,

Add, subtract, multiply or divide,

They’ll prove you to be a fool.

Soon their slave,

You shall become, too,

As no one should have,

Such a rigid, mathematical view!

Doing “calculations” so immense,

Will surely make you tense,

And soon you’ll wish,

You could break the suspense.

I doubt,

If the, human brain,

Can withstand, the weight,

That these numbers, strain!

Keep working on “problems”,

All day, all night,

And without, any “gain”!

Numbers accuracy is astounding,

Their precision itself is blinding!

But for all their accuracy,

A “rigid figure” is binding.

Living in this mathematical world,

One sells oneself, for a few dollars hurled.

In this materialistic world, evil is the beneficiary,

And in their sordid “calculations”,

There is no room for the visionary!

Of course in mathematics, knowledge is profound,

Theorems, proofs, and fancy intellectual things abound!

And these “dirty calculations”, not made in jest,

Are too much for me,

And so indeed I find it best,

To let these “numerous numbers”, just rest!

For, literally, while on this subject,

The ‘problems’ never seem to abate,

Signs, status, symbols, and the meaningless mess,

Are in their attack, unrelenting!

And it seems they are,

On society, increasing fury, venting!

Algebra, Geometry, and the games people play,

Don’t make me feel much better.

For all these variables, are at best,

A meaningless, trend setter!

And while doing sums on circles (the ones people play!),

My mind’s state is just the same.

Trust me, give it up,

Else you’ll go mad too,

Man isn’t cut,

For this ‘hypocritical mathematical view’!

Oh! Do realize,

Though ‘calculations’ seem like reasoning,

They are at best like ‘seasoning’,

That hides the putrid mess below!

And the semblance of this logical sense,

Portrays, but a, mathematical, materialistic hell!

‘Numerous numbers’, transitory,

Are at best, chains imaginary.

It’s no place,

For what we,” need to be”, or “ought to be”,

Only a world where we “just have to be”,

No place for the human visionary!




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