With honest purpose

I joined some groups on the yahoo network and was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of knowledge, know-how and wisdom that is being posted and shared by members; with only one reservation. Perhaps the information being made available is or may not be of much use to very many. I base my observation on the basis of some articles that I have had the pleasure to read. They are really great pieces with a lot of spiritual wisdom. These articles show the way beyond the ordinary and it is obvious to any reader who has tried to excel himself beyond the average that the writer has also experienced the way beyond the immediate horizon.

Another reason for this observation is that most posts are forwards or articles written by somebody else other than the one posting it. It is good to share great pieces of writing one has discovered with the hope that it will benefit others. Only I wondered if all this effort is not going waste. Recently I read a small piece which mirrored accurately my own thoughts. It says that in this world where all the thinking and planning has been taken care of by others, an average guy can survive well with the most minimum of caliber. For instance take the guy who can talk in English or play the guitar. They always find work enough to give them enough to live on; if you are more educated so much the better. The rest of life is not much of a headache. If you drive a car, the mechanics take care of it. If you are sick, there are doctors. If you are hungry there are restaurants and frozen dinners. All you need in today’s world is the ability to press the right buttons on all the gadgets you have. There is a whole team of experts surrounding you to take care of you.

Are people really for all the high-brow techniques we are laying at their feet? Is it not a case of too much to the undeserving? In the north of India there is a saying – “Lord please don’t give nails to the bald; he’ll only hurt himself.” I came across this story. A lady with a puncture was fooled by the repairman to buy a whole set of tires and tubes for her car because he managed to convince her that she would have no punctures after that. It never occurred to pickup her mobile phone and ask colleagues for some alternative suggestions. When one is loaded with cash, the brain stops bothering about trifles.

The education and training of today is not teaching people to focus and concentrate on excelling. There is always some gadget around to keep them busy. They rarely sit alone to introspect on where they are going or what they are doing and what will the long term repercussions will be. Because they have no real goal they don’t need to plan and organize themselves. If they get into a hole the mobile phone soon gets them out of it; there is always a helpline at the other end that will come running to them. This kind of life does not leave much room for motivation towards self-improvement.

This brings me to the contention of this write-up. I feel that the need to excel is being slowly erased. To quote Thomas Edison-”Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence and honest purpose as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing”.

It is very sad that leave alone the aim of forging new paths, the majority is not even prepared to take responsibility of their everyday irritants. One day I visited my niece whose daughter was not very well but the niece did not seem to be overtly perturbed. I felt that something was being overlooked there so I asked her what she was doing to treat her. Her reply was matter of fact – I have taken her to the best pediatrician, what more can I do? Many may agree with her attitude in today’s world, but I found the nonchalance disturbing. What I gathered from her demeanor was that it was the doctor’s responsibility or the hospital if necessary. Her duty done, she could take it easy.

The education and training of today is not teaching people to focus and concentrate on excelling.

– Prof. Pradeep Maheshwari

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