Tired Exhausted, Worn Down

It has happened to all of us. When our heart is not where we are and even the body is simply not able to cope. Imagine a judge, yawning away and missing all the critical points in an argument or a lawyer forgetting his
arguments at the critical moment. There are moments in life when everyone has felt something like this. The acute need to drop it all and go on a long vacation where one can laze and be pampered, forgetting all
cares and worries and regain our strength. This could be chronic fatigue or even worse, the newly named disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is a genuinely debilating affliction which hampers a person’s ability to carryout everyday activities, sometimes even for long periods.

Unfortunately this illness is not yet fully understood by the modern scientific community. Medical research is delving into its mysteries but has not understood its complexity. Some of the symptoms, like constant tiredness and getting easily exhausted, dull headaches, joint and muscle aches, and feeling feverish and chilly, are
normal. These may also be accompanied by depression, difficulty in concentrating and tender lymph
glands. But these are only symptoms and not peculiar to this syndrome, which makes very difficult to diagnose,
as these very same symptoms are also indicative of many other illnesses.

There have been many theories but none have held good till today. The onset of this syndrome has been
found to be some illness of the gastrointestinal or respiratory tract or some symptoms like flu, sore
throat, jaundice, diarrhea, etc. Most of these illnesses are due to some infection that even laymen understand. Another fact is that it strikes mostly the middle class. This may lead us to believe that people with natural
low resistance are never able to completely throw off the illness or infection they have contracted and that it continues to fester at insidious levels.

Fatigue in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also takes over the functioning of the brain. Memory works less well. Interest in life decreases. The entire neurological picture changes. Then the question becomes which isaffecting which here, or are both being affected by another third factor? Though there is still much to understand about this
syndrome, seek medical help. That small ache which may only be an inconvenience now may grow into something much bigger and dangerous.


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