Supreme Court new Website not properly working

A letter has been sent by Gaurav Bhatia, Secretary of Supreme Court Bar Association to Ravindra Maithani Secretary General, Supreme Court. In the said letter, various issues were highlighted regarding the problems the lawyers were facing regarding the new website and the filing procedure thereof. The text o the said letter is as under.

SCBA/Registry/31/2017/                                                                                         Dated:04.07.2017

Mr. Ravindra Maithani

Secretary General

Supreme Court of India

New Delhi

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice certain problems that lawyers are facing and the undersigned has received several complaints from them regarding the New Website and filing procedures. Some of the main issues which are being faced by Lawyers are mentioned below:-

  1. a)   The new website of the Supreme Court of India is not responding properly and crashes very frequently.
  2. b)  Supplementary List and Elimination Lists are not being uploaded on time. Yesterday Supplementary list wasuploaded around 30 pmafter we brought the same to your notice.
  3. c)   Case Status option in the new website is not working.
  4. d)  No SMSes are being sent to the respective lawyer regarding Case Status and office reports are also not available on the new website.
  5. e)   Emails don’t have proper case details of the matter as earlier. Only case numbers are mentioned in the email.
  6.       f)    Names of Advocates are being incorrectly shown on many occasions.
  7. g)   There should be a consolidated Supplementary List. (This is very important)
  8. h)  The defects are being shown in the Cause list, rather than providing concerned Advocate with a defect sheet containing all the defects in the matter. (Very embarrassing for the lawyer concerned).

We sincerely hope the shortcomings pointed out will be rectified at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Gaurav Bhatia

Hony. Secretary

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