Spurthi Mouli, Legal Counsel, HP India, on her experience as In-house Counsel in an interview with Rounak Biswas, Associate Outreach for SuperLawyer

lawzmag.comAs an in-house counsel working in India, which is a large and complex jurisdiction, I am required to have a generalist approach and advise on several aspects of law. At the same time, I am also required to build expertise in core areas relevant and relating to the business and industry we operate in, such as contract law, laws relating to IT, etc., thereby ensuring we act as business enablers. I have, as a student, been interested in several areas that have been, and continue to be, a part of my work stream, and provided me with an opportunity to dig deeper and build expertise in them. It is not always necessary that a decision to specialise is made while one is a student. It could also happen once you’re employed and that is completely fine! I strongly believe, that as a student, one needs to have an open mind to learn and absorb as much as one can.

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