Jurist Soli Sorabjee on why law and order cannot be an excuse for banning something?

lawzmag.comDeliberate and malicious intent has to be proved. Could we have had a ban on untouchability? On the premise that such an issue hurts a community’s feelings? Could we have struck at the root of this evil if someone had said we are hurt by this legislation? What hurts your feelings? The balance lies in favour of freedom of expression rather than the lawbreaker. Khajuraho has nudity. Can we seek a ban on the statues there? Can we ban Khajuraho completely? Strike at people who abuse freedom of expression, but maintenance of law and order cannot be a pretext to banning a book. If law and order is being violated, go after those who violate them. Suppress them. Tackle those who are creating problems rather than muzzle free speech.

As carried by The Hindu

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