General Guidelines For Central Assistance in Establishing Gram Nyayalayas by the State Governments.

Establishment of Gram Nyayalayas by the State Governments

lawzmag.comThe Gram Nyayalayas Act 2008 has been enacted to provide for the establishment of Gram Nyayalayas at the grass- root level for the purpose of providing access to justice to the citizens at their door steps and to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of social, economic or other disabilities.

The Central Government has committed to fund the initial cost in terms of the   non-recurring expenses for setting up these courts with an assistance limited to Rs. 1 8.00 lakhs per Gram Nyayalaya as a one-time measure and to bear 50% of the recurring expenses of these courts subject to a ceiling of Rs.3.2 lakhs per court per annum during the first three years.

In order to enable release of central assistance to the State Governments in an expeditious manner, the following procedure is enumerated for receipt  of proposals  from  the  State  Governments  and  for  release  /  disbursement  of  Central Assistance for setting up and operation of Gram Nyayalayas:

  1. Central assistance  to  the  States  shall  be  provided  on  the  basis  of   the information provided by the State Governments. While sending the proposal to the Central Government, the State Governments would be required to make a firm commitment that they would meet the non-recurring expenditure required to set up Gram Nyayalayas in excess of the ceiling of Rs. 18.00 lakhs as well as the recurring expenditure for operation of these Gram Nyayalayas after the first three years.

II       Central assistance for meeting the non-recurring expenditure

(a)     The central assistance for meeting the non-recurring expenditure will be limited to Rs. 18.00 (eighteen) lakhs for provision of accommodation, vehicle, office equipment, furniture, computer, etc.

(b)     The State Governments will furnish information on the Gram Nyayalayas that have been notified for being established in a financial year. A copy of the notification issued 111 this regard may also necessarily be enclosed.

(c)     Upon the State Government informing the Department of Justice of having notified the setting up of a Gram Nyayalaya along with a copy of the notification issued in this regard, 70% of the central assistance of Rs.18.00 lakhs per Nyayalaya shall be released / disbursed to the State Governments as an advance payment for meeting the cost of setting up of a Gram Nyayalaya.

(d)     The remaining 30% of the central assistance to the State in this regard shall be disbursed to the States upon the State Government furnishing the documentary evidence of the Gram Nyayalaya having been established in the identified premises and the vehicle / office equipment / furniture / computer etc. for equipping the office of the Gram Nyayalaya having been purchased.

III.     Central assistance for meeting the recurring expenditure:

(a)     The central assistance to the States for meeting the recurring expenditure will be limited to Rs.3.2 lakhs per completed year of operation of a Gram Nyayalaya and will be released to the States for the  first three completed years of operation of the Gram Nyayalaya.

(b)     The  State Government will  furnish  information  on the number  of Gram Nyayalayas  that have  commenced  operation  indicating  the  date from which such operation has commenced.

As carried in Department of Justice on 19.5.2017

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