Launch of Tele Law Scheme: New Legal Aid and Empowerment Initiatives by Department of Justice

lawzmagazine.comLaunch  of  Tele   Law  Scheme:   New  Legal  Aid   and  Empowerment Initiatives  by  Department  of Justice The  Hon’ble  Minister  for  Law  &  Justice  and  Electronics  &  Information    Technology launched this scheme on 20 h April, 2017 at Jaisalmer House.

Tele  Law: Mainstreaming  Legal Aid through  Common Service  Centre

The Department is partnering with NALSA and  CSC- E- Governance  Service Limited for mainstreaming legal aid to the marginalized communities through the Common Service Centers (CSCs). This initiative, called ‘Tele Law’, is aimed at facilitating delivery of legal advice through an expert panel of lawyers — stationed at the State Legal Services Authorities (SLSA). The project would connect lawyers with clients through video conferencing facilities by the Para-Legal Volunteers stationed at CSCs run by Village Level Entrepreneurs.

This  initiative  would  also  play  a  pivotal  role  in  empowering  1000 women  para  legal 3 teeFS Which would be provided by NALSA in UP and Bihar. However, in States of North East and J&K the volunteers for para-legal work and the panel lawyers would be provided by the Government of India in partnership with  CSCs.

In this scheme legal aid services for the marginalized at the panchayat levels would be ensured through video conferencing / telephone / chat in real time. Earlier, these marginalized people remained untouched due to geographical challenges and/or lack of infrastructure.

The project would be launched across 1800 panchayats across India. The details are as follows:-

Uttar Pradesh-500


Assam — 450

Jammu — 61

Srinagar — 89

Arunachal  Pradesh — 35

Mizoram — 12

Manipur — 17

Tripura — 40

Nagaland — 46

Sikkim — 10

Meghalaya — 40

As carried in Department Of justice on 18.5.2017

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