The De-Stressor

lawzmag.comProfessionally speaking, a lawyer’s life is as stressed as that of a surgeon’s. The need to save someone requires total dedication and terrific stamina even when the odds are stacked against you. The chances of finding a lawyer or a surgeon who is not exhausted and remains perennially so, are remote – one in a few millions. The 20th century gave us many advances, especially in the scientific realm that has speeded up the line of action in every field. The number of cases demanding attention at any given time have grown astronomically.

If the cases cannot be reduced then what can be done? Modern medicine developed in the west and the search there for natural de-stressors have led the researchers to music. Something that in India has been well understood and known but now there is the scientific method to back up what we understood empirically.

It is becoming clear that the thalamus – the nerve center of all our moods and feelings and responses, including that of pain is awfully influenced by the rhythms of perfectly metered sounds. In the Indian way of life we have vedic chants and in classical music, perfectly formulated and balanced raags.  The vedic chants are old and tried formulas that have the power to create vibrations of a very  powerful nature and an occult strength that has an inherent creative seed. The raags are also very scientific and specific raags have definite and pertinent effects on the nervous system. When the thalamus is vibrating happily, it gets the brain’s cortex dancing as well. This has a correlating influence on our feelings and thoughts directly. The positive vibrations can stimulate healing at the basic level where the whole body metabolism defies medical knowledge of today and effectively goes into a self-healing mode.

Certain pieces of music have been tried and evaluated in many cases and studies. There can be no doubt anymore. Mozart’s symphonies have been used to make cows give more milk. Schizophrenics behave better. Childbirth was found to happen   more happily and with less fatigue to the mother  with music from Schubert and even our own raags like Bageshwari and Yaman. In a speciality intensive care unit in the US, a kind of womb music has been created that is played to new borns. It has been noted that babies in the intensive care with this music being played responded much better than others and left the hospital on an average three days earlier than others.

Harmonic vibrations are taught in physics in every school. So this concept of using music to alleviate pain and stress is not that far fetched. It is a little harmony brought in from outside and this directly realigns the structure where it counts most in the brain. The medical treatment works more effectively and less drugs are needed. Outside the hospital, at home there are lesser tiffs. In the office executives burnout more slowly and people scream at each other less and show far more self-control.  Road rage can be reduced. In short, millions of rupees could be saved at every level of activity due to sickness and low productivity. Lawyers would find this particularly effective to help them create potentially winning dossiers and would also be more at peace with themselves.

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