He’s got the Whole World in His Hands

lawzmag.comwe’s got the whole world in his hand,

To do with it, what he does please.

His will extends over all our lands,

To look at what he made, at ease

He made the world out of dust,

But we’ve let his vision catch rust.

Going into a deep Slumber of distrust;

Waiting for a jolt, to wake up, Only: if we must.

We have walked onward,

For many centuries: long.

Walking without wisdom-forward,

Differentiating not; between right and wrong.

We’ve taken the gift that he gave us,

And turned it into a curse.

Transformed love into hatred:

peace into a farce.Oh! Tolerance:

that’s not for us.

We’ve built an urban jungle,

And filled our lives with sin.

So many lives we’ve conquered,

Yet, a single heart we cannot win.

Though we have full, our coffers;

Lives with pomp and power stuffed!

Yes, this is all the devil offers,

See, how we have ,our own hearts bluffed!

So now we must decide;

Have we, the world,made good enough?

And want and need, we must set aside,

And make ourselves mentally tough.

Is this the world, we want to leave aside?

This life that is so rough!

Or rather shall we by his will abide,

Peace and friendship, make in our hearts reside.

And get beyond this bluff.

And though our life may now be lonely,

We need not walk alone.

For when we know him wholly,

No hope of ours shall be forlorn.

He has great plans for us, Man :

his greatest miracle.

So let us follow him quickly,

Let’s stop making this fuss.

Let us begin in earnest,

To bring peace in the living;

let the dead bury the dead!

Let us begin anew: be honest,

With God in our hearts , and the stars watching overhead.


Ishan Agarwal

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  1. bhumikamudgil says:

    nice poem

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    good one

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    nice article

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    Thanks for sharing

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    I like your site its well designed

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