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Travel – Majuli

Beached amid the mighty Brahmaputra River’s ever-shifting puzzle of ochre sandbanks is Majuli, which at around 450 sq km is India’s largest river island. Majuli flaunts unparalleled scenic beauty. The island is a relaxed, shimmering mat of glowing rice fields and water meadows bursting with hyacinth blossoms. The two main villages

The World Is But A ‘Marketplace’

Though in the crowds you wander, Though you’re in Muddy, Street, Though in squalor and turmoil, you flounder, And the lowest men you meet, Though in the dusty meanders, You’ll see your soul’s footsteps fleet, And like all others, Yours are, but dirty feet. In

Is church is entitled to state aid to buy playground covering

NEWS SCAN U.S. Supreme Court cases about government aid to religious institutions have revolved around tax breaks, school textbooks, transportation, private school vouchers and even computer software. But recycled tires.A church-state case that has long been touted as one of the marquee appeals of an