Monthly Archives: November 2016

Egypt court approves new law regulating NGOs

NEWS SCAN The Egyptian State council, a part of the Egyptian judicial system tasked with reviewing proposed legislation, approved a bill  regulating and restricting non government organizations (NGO) operating in Egypt. The bill would require NGOs to “agree with the state’s plan, development needs and priorities”

New UN SG urges peacekeepers to respect human rights

NEWS SCAN UN Secretary-General-elect Antonio Guterres said while visiting Beijing on Monday that he wants UN peacekeepers to be better trained and more respectful of human rights. Guterres stressed the need “to make sure that there is an effective combination of human rights, of the civil and

Call Drops Will Never Go Completely, Says Minister

NEWS SCAN Government said that call drops in telecom networks cannot be eradicated completely and it is a global phenomenon.”The dropping of calls in wireless network cannot be completely eradicated as it is a world-wide phenomenon and happens in every wireless network due to various