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Efficacy and Efficiency of Proposed A.R.T. Bill

Marriage is the age old institution pregnant with the objective of legalization of love making and procreation of children. A married woman with a child is given more regard not only in her family but also in society. Infertility, impotency or incapacity of any partner

UN – Syria wracked by chemical warfare

NEWS SCAN United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon submitted a report issued together with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons yesterday detailing an in-depth investigation into chemical warfare used by ISIS and President Assad in Syria. While the report is still confidential, Ki-Moon stated that he is looking forward to

Can Fictional Characters be protected

Fictional characters are outcome of creativity, however, neither copyright law nor trademark law grants protection to these fictional characters. Fictional characters, different from graphical characters, is a word portrait of which physical appearance and characterization reside in the minds of reader. Consequently, there is rampant

Delhi High Court directs school to admit disabled boy

NEWS SCAN The Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) which had directed it to admit the physically disabled boy in class 1 under EWS or disadvantaged group (DG) category, for which 25 per cent seats are to be kept reserved, by giving him age relaxation. Coming

Kerala – land of the Gods

The place where one can forget oneself. The place to go to when life becomes a bit too much. Into the languid lap of nature with all the modern infrastructure that a place can offer having been in existence since early antiquity. Kerala is called