SC to Centre, state govts: “educate people about crackers”

lawzmagazine.comA petition was filed by the fathers on behalf of three infants aged between six and 14 months, who had brought up the issue of their right to be brought up in a pollution- free environment and sought that government agencies be restrained from issuing licence for sale of crackers in the national capital.

The bench has directed the Centre and state governments to educate people about the ill effects of crackers and advise them not to use fireworks.
“The union governments and all the state governments will give wide publicity both in print and electronic media to the ill effects of fireworks and advise people accordingly.
The court said “We also direct the teachers/ lecturers/ assistant professors/professors of the schools and colleges to educate the students about the ill-effects of the fireworks.”

The apex court has directed the Centre to consult the departments concerned on the issue and come out with their response within a week to suggestions given by senior advocate A M Singhvi, who was appearing for infant petitioners who had moved the court against the use of loud fire-crackers.
The petitioner has submitted in the petition “They are foremost prone to lung disease, asthma, coughing, bronchitis, retarded nervous system development and cognitive impairment,”

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