10 years jail term for killing suspected thief

 A Delhi court has awarded a 10-year jail term to a man for beating a suspected thief to death. The court said that the accused had no business to become a supreme authority and take law into his hands to commit a “fiendish act having shades of stone age”.
The court, however, reduced the charge of murder under section 302 to culpable homicide not amounting to murder under section 304 (Part II) of IPC saying “I cannot be oblivious of the fact that the convict had bludgeoned the victim and had given him a very bad hammering and thrashing with a lawzmagazine.combroken fan belt. Even if the convict felt that victim was a thief, he had no business to become a supreme authority and to take law into his own hands and to hand out instant punishment to him.
“Such fiendish act, having shades of stone age, cannot be tolerated in the modern era having a fully developed justice delivery mechanism,” Additional Sessions Judge Manoj Jain said.
The court, which awarded the maximum punishment for the offence, also imposed a fine of Rs 15,000 on Yadav.
to kill him.
“He (accused), under the fit of rage, gave a hammering to the victim. There does not seem to be any real premeditation.
“Accused had no intention to murder the victim at all and he merely wanted to teach him a lesson. However, to his misfortune, the injuries proved to be grave and he succumbed to the same eventually. Keeping in mind the overall facts and circumstances of the case, I am inclined to hold that this makes it to be case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder,” the judge said.

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