7/11 Mumbai Blasts Verdict- 5 Sentenced to Death

30th September 2015, saw the much awaited verdict of 7/11 Mumbai Blasts.  A special court sentenced to death five of the 12 people convicted for the 2006 Mumbai serial train blasts that killed 188 people and injured 829 commuters.

The other seven convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment.

A Special Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) court judge, Yatin Shinde sentenced to death the 5 accused who have been convicted for planting the bombs on the Mumbai Local on the day of the blast.

The advocate for the defence on the earlier hearing referred to injuries and brutalities inflicted on the then-accused, during police custody. He also said they underwent forced narco-analysis tests performed by a bogus doctor against whom a police report was registered. He also said that the accused were kept in solitary confinement despite it being illegal even for those against whom death sentence is confirmed.

The Public Prosecutor said that none of the accused presented any mitigating circumstances that qualified them to seek leniency; not their ages, not their educational qualifications or their family situation and the conditions during their pre-trial incarceration.

The judgment has come as a relief for thousands who lost their loved ones or who suffered injuries during the blasts.

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    Why u do this?

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    India RULEZ

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