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Guj minister’s fake degree: HC seeks reply from EC

A public interest litigation alleging the genuineness of MBA degree of Gujarat Minister of state Shankar Chaudhari filed by a a Patan-based Congress worker. Chaudhari is minister of state for Health and Family Welfare with independent charge of Urban Housing. The Gujarat High Court has

Immersion of idols polluting the ecosystem: HC

The Madras High Court observed that immersion of idols is polluting the ecosystem and is a threat to the marine life and birds. Justice S Vaidyanathan termed it as “an illiterate attitude towards water that should be put to an end.” Justice S Vaidyanathan made

Humour-A lawyer’s son

A lawyer’s son was about to enter college. He asked his son “Now how did it get into your head that you want to be a doctor instead of a lawyer?” “Well dad,” answered the son, “did you ever hear anybody in a crowd gathered

Homour-A man committed murder

A man committed murder. To fight his case he was advised to hire a good lawyer. He checked one who asked for Rs.10000. He thought this one is not good enough. The next one wanted Rs.50000 per apperance. The next Rs.2lakh. He found a real

Scrap Quota in Higher Education: SC

The Supreme Court has asked centre and states to scrap quota in higher education. The Supreme Court said “there should really be no reservation” in super speciality courses in medicine in the general interest of the country. A batch of appeals challenging the domicile based

Plea of the woman to remove her name allowed by HC

Plea of a woman was allowed by the Delhi High Court, who has accused TERI Director General R K Pachauri of sexual harassment, seeking removal of her name from a petition seeking cancellation of the anticipatory bail granted to him. Justice S P Garg said

A Case on Right to Private Defense

State of  U.P.  -versus-  Ram Swarup and ors. AIR 1974 Supreme court 1570 The above titled case is a classic case on the issue of right of private defense as provided to a person under sections 99 and 100 of Indian Penal Code. The Supreme

Senior Lawyer and Chief Justice

A Senior lawyer phoned the Chief Justice’s mansion shortly after midnight. “I need to talk to the Chief Justice, it’s an emergency!” exclaimed the Senior lawyer. After much request , the Chief Justice’s assistant agreed to wake him up.    

Humour- Client

A man had been crossing a street when a car slammed into him. The pedestrian sued the motorist, whose lawyer made the following statement at the end of the trial. “Your honor, my client was not at fault. He has been driving a car for

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Trivial Issues Covered by Media

There was a time when people used to believe that there are only two forces that can carry light to all the corners of the globe… the sun in the heavens and the Associated Press down here. However, today it seems that the forces still