Iran to Move International Courts Against Saudi

In the advent of The Mina lane crisis which caused the death of at least 769 people and injuries of many more, the Iran government is proposing legal action. On September 24, one of the worst tragedies took place in Saudi Arabia as Hajj pilgrims were stampeded to death.

Iran vows that it shall move international courts for this ‘murder’ that Saudi Arabia has designed. Amongst one of the worst affected countries, with over 136 Iran nationals having faced death in the tragedy, Iran is outraged. The Iran Government claims that apart from the 136 reported dead, 300 other Iranians are still missing or unaccounted for, including their former Ambassador to Lebanon.

Iran’s Prosecutor General, Ebrahim Raisi was quoted saying that, “This is not incompetence, it is a crime. We will urge international courts and circles to start the trail of the Saudi’s for their crimes against Hajji Pilgrims.” He has accused Saudi authorities of blocking a road temporarily for the passage of a royal convoy, which may have been a major cause of the disaster.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has also summoned the Saudi charge d’affaires repeatedly since the disaster.

Saudi’s top cleric and spokesperson for the Royal crown, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin-Abdullah al-Sheikh, said that the crown prince of Saudi did no hold authorities responsible for the disaster. He also attributed tragedies of this measure as an act of fate and destiny which are beyond mortal control.

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