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Why Lawyers are safe from the threat of automation taking over their professions. Because No one would build a robot to do nothing.

Why West UP Has No Bench Of High Court?

“Western UP still does not have a high court bench. Think of this, Western UP is 98,933 square kilometres in area. It is bigger than countries like Hungary, Portugal and Jordan. Plus, the population of West UP is huge. We have been demanding a high

12 Jurors Chosen to Decide Bill Cosby Sex Assault Case

NEWS SCAN Twelve jurors have been chosen in the Pennsylvania sex assault case against Bill Cosby. The 12th juror is a white female in her 40s and among the group are two African Americans. The jury makeup is 17 percent black, higher than the 13 percent black

Facebook Fine Could Slow Future EU Launches

NEWS SCAN Facebook Inc. received one of its biggest regulatory slaps last week when European antitrust regulators fined it $122 million for providing misleading statements about its 2014 purchase of WhatsApp. The fine is relatively small compared to Facebook’s annual profits—the Menlo Park, California-based social

MPs make Fresh Plea to Impeach Justice Nagarjuna Reddy

NEWS SCAN Over 60 members of the Rajya Sabha, cutting across party lines, have submitted a motion seeking the initiation of impeachment proceedings against Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy of the High Court for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.This is the second attempt by members of the